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1 Walia Associates

Services Offered

Walia Associates has been rendering legal services to various clients for many years. With the aim of providing quality legal services, we want to resolve all employment matters be it employers or employees. The ESI PF Consultant helps many clients by providing the quality services with the salient skills. Through HR and law consultancy services, we provide following services:

Our Services:

  • ▪ Factory License
  • ▪ Shops & Commercial Establishments License
  • ▪ Conducting Social Audits.
  • ▪ New Registrations for EPF/ESI and Compliance Management.
  • ▪ Handle Inspections/ Audits of ESI, EPF & Labour Department.
  • ▪ Monthly Salary Processing, ESI/EPF, LWF Compliances, Payroll Management
  • ▪ Contractor License / Labour License under The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970
  • ▪ Interstate Migrant Worker Registration for Principal Employer and Migrant Workmen. (Contract Labour)
  • ▪ Liasoning with Labour, ESI & EPF Departments.
  • ▪ Handling Tribunal and Labour/High Court Cases/Prosecutions.
  • ▪ POSH Policy Implementation & Management.
  • ▪ Designing of Salary Structures With Least Cost Implications.
  • ▪ Digital Signatures- All Classes for EPF and Income Tax.
  • ▪ Biometrics Attendance Machines and HRMS Solutions.
  • ▪ BOCW License
  • ▪ Registrations of Trade Unions under Trade Unions Act, 1926.
  • ▪ Registrations and Renewals under Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961.
  • ▪ Professional Tax Handling and its registrations
  • ▪ Compliance Handling under The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970